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* MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Wraps


* MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Wraps

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MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Wraps - MailWraps® is a registered trademark of Magnet Works, Ltd., which My Needful Things AZ / is an Authorized Distributor

About this Awesome Manufacturer: Magnet Works, LTD - Our Tradition.

In 1988, Sue Todd had a simple idea…a high-quality decorative mailbox cover that could be changed seasonally for the holidays. From that day and from that idea, a tradition began.

With a great idea in mind and twenty dollars in hand for materials, Sue’s husband, Curt, designed the first MailWraps prototype. Then another. Then another. For Sue and Curt, nothing but the best reproduction and most durable materials would do. With every new ink Curt experimented with, and every new process he tried, the Magnet Works tradition of quality and attention to detail grew.

As word of MailWraps began to spread, Sue personally devoted herself to each and every customer. From the basement of their home with three children under foot, she answered every call, assembled every product, packed every order. Right from the start, personally going above and beyond for the customer became the custom.

Now, over two decades later, what began as a home-based mailbox cover business has blossomed into a leading outdoor décor company of well over 40 employees—employees with the same commitment to quality and respect for the customer as Sue and Curt had from day one. Every flag, every mat, every product on this website embodies the same standard of excellence and attention to detail that went into Magnet Works’ very first shipment and every shipment since.

Mindful quality. Personal attention. They’re much more than Magnet Works’ standard operating procedure. They’re tradition. A tradition of going the extra mile that began at Sue and Curt’s kitchen table and can be seen at your retail sales counter today. A tradition that brings with it a host of benefits that’s been making first-time customers long-time friends for over 20 years.

We invite you to learn more about the advantages of choosing their products and see for yourself what Magnet Works Ltd - MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / MailWraps can do for you.

  • Perk #1:  The Best Art by the Best Artists - Art is subjective, but when looking for beautiful artwork designs, this manufacturer outshines them all!
  • Perk #2:  Unmatched Product Quality - Guaranteed weatherproof durability of the MailWraps Mailbox Covers that our customers have come to expect, which is nothing but the most attractive products made with the highest quality materials available.
  • Perk #3:  Unrivaled Products & Service - They are listed as one of the Top Ten Ranking Reorder Lines in May 2009 by Giftbeat due to their commitment to excellence.
Here is more about their products:

A dressed-up mailbox says “First Class” all the way! Our flagship MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Wraps have won the hearts of thousands of homeowners who enjoy changing designs to celebrate season, holidays, special interest and more! MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Wraps feature easy to use and interchangeable designs from the most popular artists in the field. Lots of variety to choose from. Go to Mailbox Covers / Wraps to find your favorites.
Where are MailWraps® made?

Right here in the Great USA!  MailWraps® magnetic mailbox covers are 100% manufactured at our family-owned manufacturing plant in St. Louis, MO. We print them, we cut them, we assemble them, we package them, we ship them… all from our state-of-the-art factory. From production to shipping, customer service and product quality are the goals of every employee in the house.

How do MailWraps® mailbox covers attach?

MailWraps® attach to standard rural mailboxes with a magnetic strip along each side of the cover. This patented feature (US Patent 4,991,769) allows the cover to stay put in any weather situation and enhances the appearance. No dangling strings or screws to distract from our beautiful designs. The cover has cutouts around the mailbox flag, latch and hinges.

What if my mailbox is plastic?

We offer the remarkable MailWraps® Adapter Kit for plastic mailboxes. Just peel off the self-adhesive backing to attach the "magnet receiver strips" to each side of your plastic (or aluminum) mailbox. MailWraps® magnetic mailbox covers then stick just as if the mailbox were made of steel.

What sizes are available?

MailWraps® mailbox covers are available in two sizes: standard (For T1 Mailboxes) and large (For T2 Mailboxes). However, the design choices in the large size are limited to our best-selling designs. All MailWraps® designs are available for standard #1 rural mailboxes.

Do the designs appear on both sides of the mailbox?

Yes. The design is the same on each side of the cover to decorate both sides of the mailbox.

What if the address number is covered when the MailWrap® is on the mailbox?

Each MailWraps® mailbox cover comes with a set of 1-inch vinyl self-adhesive numbers. They can be placed on the covers at the discretion of the customer or on the front door of the mailbox. The numbers are included in each package and attach easily.

MailWraps Addressables™ are premium mailbox covers with artwork specially prepared to allow personalization with your address number. Addressables come with large color-coordinated numbers that are easy to apply.

How do MailWraps® hold up in the weather?

We are very proud of the high quality of our product and most users are amazed. The covers are made of a vinyl material called polypropylene developed to withstand the heat of Arizona and the cold winters of Minnesota. We guarantee our covers not to fade, crack or peel for one year of everyday use.

We have strong winds in our area. Will MailWraps® blow away?

No. This is frequently raised as a concern, but is very seldom a problem. When attached normally, MailWraps® fit so well that wind cannot get underneath them. Concerned users can attach MailWraps® more permanently using the holes along the sides of each mailbox cover. In reality, however, this is not the problem some consumers perceive it to be.

How many covers does a MailWraps® collector typically purchase?

80% of our customers own more than 1 cover
65% own 3 or more covers
50% own 5 or more covers

 You do not have a steel mailbox but want to get one of our mailwraps?  No problem!

We have an Adapter Kit that is only $4.95 each (additional), when purchased with our mailwraps on the same order & sent to same shipping address/packaged together!  That price includes the additional shipping & handling charges for this kit too.

If you order the Adapter Kit Separately, the cost is $8.95 each when not ordered with a mailwrap on same invoice.

About the Adapter Kit Installation: 

No tools required here!  Just peel off the self-adhesive backing to attach the specially-developed "magnetic receiver strips"" to each side of a plastic or aluminum mailbox.  Our MailWraps Magnetic Mailbox Covers / Wraps then stick just as if the mailbox were made of steel!  You just line up the strips for a perfect fit.  It's that easy!

MailWraps® is a registered trademark of Magnet Works, Ltd.

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