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Monogram Address Plaque - Standard & Petite Size

Monogram Address Plaque - Standard & Petite Size

Price: $30.95
Retail: $59.99
You Save: $29.04 (48%)
$30.95 Petite Wall Mount 1 Line #5007 5 in stock
$95.95 Standard Lawn Marker 1 Line #5105 5 in stock
$95.95 Standard Lawn Marker 2 Line #5106 5 in stock
$74.95 Standard Wall Mount 1 Line #5005 5 in stock
$74.95 Standard Wall Mount 2 Line #5006 5 in stock
 Please select options:
Color Combinations Available:
Mounting Options & Sizes (Price Varies):
Detailed Description
Standard Dimensions: 10.75" Length X 11.75" Height

Wall & Lawn Mount - One Line Version holds up to five 3" numbers or twelve 1.25" characters

Wall & Lawn Mount - Two Line Version - Line 1 holds up to five 3" numbers & Line 2 holds up to twelve 1.25" characters

** Or Alternate Wall & Lawn Mount ** Two Line Version - Line 1 holds up to twelve 1.25" characters & Line 2 holds up to five 3" numbers

Standard plaques are perfectly suited for the average sized home. We can custom make your plaque in a Wall Mount or Lawn Marker (that comes with two 18" lawn stakes).


Petite Dimensions: 8.25" Length X 5" Height

Picture above is for shape reference only. The Petite Size does not have the street name, only the numbers.

Wall Mount Only - One Line Only holds up to five 1.5" numbers

Petite plaques are ideal for smaller wall areas or door applications.


You also can select the Monogram to be Scroll Design or Any Letter. At the ORDER EXTENSION SCREEN please indicate which you prefer on line 3. Thanks!

SPECIAL NOTE - When you go through the CHECKOUT Process, there you will get an ORDER EXTENSION SCREEN. This is to obtain the information needed for the plaque. Please keep in mind character limitations stated above and which version (1 or 2 Line Style) you requested. Thank You!

Character Note - Characters include any spaces (each space counted as 1), letters (A - Z), numbers (0 - 9), and a limited set of special characters, specifically exclamation [!], ampersand [&], apostrophe ['], forward slash [/], dash [-], comma [,], period [.], and question mark [?]. All letters are capitalized (no lower case letters). Keep in mind stated character limits above.

To view color combinations available, see the Whitehall Plaque Color Chart.

This is a rust-free aluminum plaque that has weather resistant finishes which are maintenance-free and will last the lifetime of your home!

Our highly visible address plaques increase your safety with raised lettering and contrasting colors - making it easy to find your home for an emergency or for deliveries.


Since each piece is handcrafted at the time we place an order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery direct to your home or office.

This product will be a fine addition to your home and is well worth the wait!


The Whitehall Plaque

For over 60 years, Whitehall has been crafting personalized name and address plaques to provide a distinctive finishing touch to millions of homes. Renowned as the world's largest manufacturer of personalized name and address plaques, Whitehall's reputation for quality and reliability is unsurpassed.

Few products can add as much value to the curb appeal of your home as a Whitehall Personalized Plaque. Each plaque is crafted from rust-free aluminum. Paints have been specially formulated and weather tested to withstand the harshest elements.

Many Whitehall address plaques are designed to provide maximum visibility to meet local "911" emergency standards (check with local regulators for your area).

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